MD5 context menu: a Windows (R) explorer context menu extension

About "MD5 context menu"

MD5 context menu is a freeware shell extension for windows which displays the MD5 hash sum of the selected file.
MD5 calculation as defined in RFC1321.
Because of a serious bug in the last version of our tool for large files with sizes > 2^31 bytes (~2.1GB) we currently do not provide the download anymore.


currently n/a


todays motd is a quote from rfc865 qotd server

“Never lookin' back, or too far in front of me, the present is a gift, and I just wanna be…”

 - Common (Be)

monitoring graphs

traditional mrtg i/f stats graph

interface stats

read here how to create these graphs

cpu stats

httpd / apache2

apache 1min stats


temperature graph

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